Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prayer requests

First, most of you have been following this story, but if not, here it is the short version. See the previous blog, where every update from the care pages has been pasted. Jenny Ross Bizaillion has been hospitalized for 16 days. She has had celebrations and set-backs. She has fought sepsis, organ failure and a double amputation, below her knees. She had some seizures that the doctors do not know the cause of, yet. She is at Baylor in Grapevine. Her family has had unshakable faith during this storm. It is amazing! Please continue to pray for this precious family. There is a free site to follow Jenny's progress and leave your prayers for the family. You can follow this story here:

Second, Rod and Kamara (Tate) Cox had their baby girl at 24 weeks on February 17th. Baby Cox is currently about the weight of a hamburger, but she is a fighter. Her vitals have been positive and there is no bleeding on her brain (which was a concern). Please pray for this sweet baby girl and her parents. You can follow this story here:

Third, Gary and Kim (Mahaffey) Bones' little boy, Ethan, is still in the NICU. He has been there for over a month and is continuing to grow stronger each day. Please pray for this wonderful family, too.

Fourth, Christine (Tyndall) Pinson has been hospitalized with ongoing health issues. She is away from her two little boys. Please pray for the doctors to discover what is causing all of this and how to help her.

I have been privileged to know these four women from ACU and also from Ko Jo Kai. I remember being so terrified of Jenny on Bid Night, even though she was as sweet as sugar, in our education classes. Little did I know, she was fighting off laughter, trying to look tough. Kami and Tami were also Kojies and when I pledged the only question I missed (during a "secret" pledging activity) was to identify one of them... Twins, come on! My favorite thing about these girls was their laugh! It makes me smile, just thinking about it. Kim and I worked together in the Ad Building at ACU. I talked to her a lot about pledging, before I decided to actually do it. She was so much fun and sweet and I am glad I knew her before pledging. She is another one that would have scared me. If anyone knows these ladies, you will laugh, thinking that any of them could be scary! Christine pledged after me and I remember her sweet spirit and how it was contagious. God is showing His miracles and mercies in all of these ladies and their families.

I almost transferred from ACU after my freshman year and am so thankful that I did not. I came back and decided to pledge. I met an incredible group of women, many of whom have become priceless friendships. I am so grateful for this tight-knit group and for the ACU community, as a whole. It is wonderful, seeing everyone bond together in prayer and faith for friends that are hurting.

I am second!

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