Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thirteen Thoughts

I have been reading Jenny's blog ( over and over the last months. Today (April 10th) is Malaya's 10th birthday and first one without her mom. As I read, Jenny talked about three different birthdays Malaya has had. She loved her God and her family so much. Her blog is beautiful. I can only strive to be like Jenny. Anyway, she wrote her blogs in the format of "thirteen" and so I thought I would give it a shot, in honor of Jenny.

Thirteen Thoughts... From the silly to the serious
1. How is it possible that I have done three loads of laundry today and still it is never-ending? My laundry fairy is on strike... or vacation... or has the swine flu... or something. She needs to come back, along with the house- cleaning fairies and the clean dishes fairy. A girl can dream- right? :)
2. I have been thinking a lot about death, with all of the loss lately. I even made a lists of songs for my funeral. Morbid, I know. P.S. I want everyone to wear bright colors and no black!
3. We have seven of the cutest and sweetest golden retriever puppies. Know any one looking for puppies?
4. I love it when Thomas wakes up and says "bat, ball, outside, and puppies/babies" or some combination of those words... meaning that he wants to go outside. It is one of his first thought in the morning. The kid would live outside, if I would let him.
5. Tomorrow is our church's (New Hope in Sunnyvale) seventh anniversary and I cannot wait! I made a German chocolate cake for dessert.
6. I loathe tax season! Phooey on taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I love, love, love bluebonnets and nothing beats Texas Hill Country bluebonnets, especially in Mason!

8. I love that Thomas picks a book about the true story of Easter and says "church" and "Jesus," so sweetly.
9. I also love, love, love that when we say Thomas' prayers, he folds his hands and smiles. He repeats "thank you," as I say the prayer and then he says "amen."
10. Ped Egg... Awesome! You should try it. Your feet will thank you.
11. I want my dad to find a match for a kidney transplant soon. He has polycystic kidneys, which is hereditary and not a poor life-style consequence. Currently, there is no cure for PKD. The inevitable is kidney failure and dialysis and then to wait and wait for a transplant. My uncle had a transplant several years ago. My dad has been on the list for about four years and we are told he is on the "top" because he is in otherwise perfect health. My aunt, cousin and brother also have PKD and will have the same road to travel. I have not done the blood work, but the sonograms showed no signs of cysts. Be an organ donor! It saves lives!
12. My sister-in-law just got engaged, so we will soon have another member of the Fuller family. Woo-hoo for Eileen and Luke!
13. During Jenny's hospital stay, the song, "Mighty to Save" was her anthem ( . It is a beautiful song! I love it. Every time her family has really been weighing heavily on my heart, I hear that song. It makes me cry for their pain and makes me feel better that Jenny popped into my day. Also, it makes me long for something more and the day when we all see Jesus.

Jenny's Run for Hope is coming up. Come out and support her family.

So, there are my thirteen random thoughts for tonight...